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who we are

Friburge is a pan African Oil & Gas and Mining Services provider headquartered in Angola with a support office in Cape Town South Africa and a growing presence in sub-Saharan Africa with particular interest in Ghana, Nigeria and Mozambique.

At Friburge, we are continuously motivated to find innovative methods that promote safer environmental standards while reducing costs for operators and service providers in the extractive industries. Friburge is able to achieve this by partnering with experienced international technology providers that provide technical service through-out the value chain of the extractive industry; while ensuring that clients needs are met using the highest global standards as well as the BAT (Best-Available-Technology) principle.


Our vision is to be a leading indigenous African service company in our chosen sectors.


Our mission is to provide technologically advanced solutions by ensuring minimal environmental impact and cost reductions for our clients while adhering to high global standards of quality and excellence

Rising with Africa

With our roots planted in Angola, Friburge has strategically placed itself to grow with Africa’s increasing activities in the oil & gas sector, the power sector and the mining sector. Through a network of local partners and affiliates across the continent, Friburge oil and gas is growing with Africa, taking our services to where they are needed the most.

Our commitment to providing services that are safe to Africa’s natural environment go hand in hand with our commitment to contribute to the development of Africa and its people. Friburge oil and gas is dedicated to developing the skills of local indigenous Africans in each country we operate, ensuring that the majority of our workforce is local.


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