Friburge is a pan African Oil & Gas and Mining Services provider headquartered in Angola with a support office in Cape Town South Africa and a strong presence in the gulf of guinea.

To meet the increasing demand for technologically innovative, more cost-effective and environmentally safe methods for exploring and extracting, in Africa’s growing Oil and Gas exploration market, Friburge has partnered with several international technology providers in order to provide the best services, with the best technology available, with positive impact to the environment and significantly reduce operational costs.


Our vision is to be the premium Pan African oil and gas and mining services provider; bringing new technologies that will significantly cut costs and reduce the heavy effects of resource mining on Africa’s bourgeoning eco system.
Friburge oil and gas is driven by innovation and professionalism and aims to win the trust of both its customers and partners by living up to a code of ethics and transparent business; delivering on both efficiency and reliability, joining local knowledge with international standards.


To deliver services with technologies that will positively impact the environment and significantly reduce industry E & P costs. Partnering with the worlds best technology companies, Friburge Oil & Gas is setting up to bring international standard excellence and service to Africa.


With our roots planted in Angola, Friburge Oil & Gas has strategically placed itself to grow with Africa’s new found exploration opportunities. Through a network of local partners and subsidiaries, across Africa’s west coast through to the gulf of Guinea, Friburge oil and gas is growing with Africa, taking our services to where they are needed the most.
Our commitment to providing services that are safe to Africa’s natural environment go hand in hand with our commitment to contribute to the development of Africa and its people. Friburge oil and gas is dedicated to developing the skills of local indigenous African’s in each country we operate, ensuring that the majority of our workforce is local.