Waste Treatment (Slop Sludge & Cuttings)

Exclusively partnered with Nature Oil & Gas, Friburge offers a water treatment service that has proven to cut waste treatment costs for oil producers by as much as 80% and meets the newly adopted zero discharge industry regulations. Waste water is treated and disposed of offshore eliminating build up and transportation costs, with environmentally friendly results as low as 3ppm. Our cuttings treatment solution uses a thermal desorption process where heat is applied to separate contaminants from the solid waste.

Industrial Maintenance and Cleaning

In order to meet efficiency and the highest level of health, safety and environmental standards on the operations, Friburge partnered with one of the leading European industrial cleaning companies to provide this service to Africa. Through this partnership we are able to help companies increase their green footprint at the same time increasing efficiency by providing tank and equipment’s cleaning for refinery shut downs and daily maintenance work on storage tanks throughout the oil and gas storage and transportation cycle.

Inspection & Certification

Friburge on a daily basis provides inspection and certification services and has subsequently achieved and earned the profound trust of our clients as a reliable and serious service provider in inspections and certifications. Friburge is one of the leading inspection & certification companies in Angola, providing STS offshore inspection services, inventory and onshore distribution inspections and certification. The ‘Friburge stamp’ has earned the markets trust and is known synonymously for reliability and quality.

Support Vessels

Friburge partnered up with some of the best industry owners and providers of support vessels to our constructers. Just like all of our services we provide turnkey solution and services to our customers enabling our clients to focus on their core business, with the surety that the important services are provided by a company that will constantly deliver with no problems or concerns. 


Fuel Tanks (Diesel, Gasoline, Jet, LPG, LNG, and others) Rental or Lease
Tank Farms Turn Key Projects
Offshore Reverse Osmosis Potable Water Specialized IT for Oil & Gas
Supply of diverse equipment for the Oil, Gas and Mining Industry
Facilities management
Oil spills prevention and containment

Procurement Services

Our procurement services include:

  • Material and Equipment Purchasing
  • Expediting
  • Material Management
  • Quality Control
  • Vendor Data Control
  • Warehouse Management
  • Transportation Logistics